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Don’t wait to get your outstanding invoices paid.

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Don’t wait, grow now and accept larger offers

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Pay salaries and invoices on time

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Profit from online invoice financing

How it works

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Upload an invoice

You decide which invoices you would like to have financed - without long-term commitments.

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Set your price

You determine the fee, that you are willing to pay for the financing and how many invoices you want to have financed.

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Receive money

After an investor financed your invoice, the money will be transferred to your account in +/- 24 hours.

The easiest solution for your cash flow management


4-8 weeks
approval process

  • Required to sell all invoices
  • Bank sets the price
  • Extensive sureties required
  • Lengthy procedures


1-2 weeks
approval process

  • You choose how many invoices you sell
  • You can decide how much you want to pay
  • Your processes remain the same
  • You remain in charge of your client relationships

Traditional Factoring  

4-8 weeks
approval process

  • Required to sell all invoices
  • Pricing is difficult to understand
  • Changing invoicing processes required
  • Client relationships at risk

Clear and transparent pricing

Advanon is now directly available in bexio!

Link your bexio account to Advanon and profit from an easy to use invoice financing

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