Finance your invoices instantly

The easiest and most flexible solution for improving your liquidity.

Don’t wait to get your outstanding invoices paid.

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Don’t wait, grow now and accept larger offers

Your clients have long payment terms? Finance your outstanding invoices with Advanon and get the blocked liquidity now.

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Pay salaries and invoices on time

Use the cash coming from your unpaid invoices for paying salaries or new growth opportunities.

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Profit from online invoice financing

After completing the 3-minute-registration, you are able upload your invoices. They are financed within minutes.

How it works

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Upload an invoice

You decide which invoices you would like to have financed - without long-term commitments.

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Set your price

You determine the fee, that you are willing to pay for the financing and how many invoices you want to have financed.

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Receive money

After an investor financed your invoice, the money will be transferred to your account in +/- 24 hours.

A simple solution for your cashflow management


4-8 weeks
approval process

  • Multiple contracts
  • Lengthy procedures
  • Extensive sureties required
  • Bank sets the price


1-2 days
approval process

  • You choose how many invoices to sell
  • An easy to understand price
  • No need to change your processes
  • You remain in charge of your client relationships

Traditional Factoring

4-8 weeks
approval process

  • Required to sell all invoices
  • Pricing is difficult to understand
  • Changing invoicing processes required
  • Client relationships at risk

Clear, transparent pricing

Invoice value

When will it be paid (in days)?

We will only charge one fee that will always be visible beforehand.

Amount financed* for 3 days
Total fees paid
The price is indicative and it is based on what our customers normally pay for their financing. Get started and upload your first invoice!
*Invoices are financed by 90%.

Advanon is now directly available in Bexio!

Link your bexio account to Advanon and profit from an easy to use invoce financing

What our clients say about us

Case Study

Philip Bill, Exurbe Cosmetics

"Advanon helps us to finance growth without going through the bureaucratic hassle associated with more traditional forms of financing"
Case Study

Felix Leonhardt, Purefood Gmbh

"Advanon offers us a reliable, customer friendly, and very cost effective solution for us to pre-finance our invoices. It has freed up cash so we can invest in marketing and fulfil all the new orders coming in from our customers."

Need Help?

Every company is unique. Our customer support team is ready to help you with any questions
or challenges that you might face and will accomodate to your specific needs.

Send us a message or use our live chat or call us at +41 44 585 38 50

About Advanon

Advanon is the leading invoice financing platform in Switzerland.
We offer a simple and flexible way to get invoices financed by numerous investors.
We are in strategic partnerships with the following organizations:

HBL Swisscom Venture Kick ETH Entrepreneur Club Global FinTech Association

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