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Dublin, August 2014. A couple of students meet at Google and share a vision: to revolutionise the world of financing and provide liquidity for businesses to help them grow. That’s the summary of Advanon’s founding and an unseen idea: creating an online marketplace connecting an SME in need of liquidity and investors.

Shortly after, they set up a platform to provide a flexible, transparent and fast financing solution. On our marketplace, SMEs sell their open invoices to investors and turn waiting time into growth, revolutionizing the traditional factoring business. In May 2018, we financed more than a million CHF in just one day for the first time, and we’ve become one of the most frequently used financing platforms in Switzerland. In the future, we want to be the number one 360 degree partner for SMEs.

The Milestones

We've learned a lot, we've achieved a lot and the best is yet to come.

  • August 2014

    The idea

    Bridging a gap in the financing sector for SME and help them focus on growth - it all started with a vision.

  • March 2015

    First invoice financed

    The vision quickly became reality turning the traditional factoring business on its head.

  • Mai 2018

    1st milion financed in a day

    For the first time in our history, we traded invoices worth 1m on our platform in a day.

  • March 2019


    We transition from start-up to mature company getting more senior expertise on board and extending our offers.

Our brand promises

  • We are honest and transparent - within the company and beyond.

  • We are customer obsessed and have our customers in mind - in everything we do.

  • We are one team of experts dedicated to creating the best customer experience possible.

  • We are owners and take responsibility for everything we do.

  • We are future focused and embrace innovation.

  • We are passionate about adding value to the journey and success of SME.

  • Meet the team

    We are a team of driven and passionate international experts sharing the vision of helping SMEs worldwide.

    The faces of Advanon
  • Your career

    Advanon is built around people and not the other way round. We embrace diversity and individual strengths.

    Find out if it's a match
  • 16

    Expert employees

    Our team consists of experts from various fields such as finance, business operations, engineering, machine learning, risk, sales and marketing.

  • 8


    Some of our colleagues have come a long way - geographically in any case. We love our international work environment and learning from each other every single day.

  • 4


    The number we want to increase the most - but getting there and doing everything in our power to encourage ambitious female professionals to apply.

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