You are dealing with Swiss SMEs and would like to earn money with your connections?

As an Advanon Affiliate you can earn on average CHF 150 per successful mediation. Sign up today and start to profit!

Your Advantages

01 Average compensation of CHF 150 per financing
02 Cookies stored up to 30 days
03 Double income opportunity:
  • Step 1: Successfully accepted registration
  • Step 2: Completed financing
04 Payments done 30 days after successfully completed step 2

How does it work?

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Company visits your website
Click d56d498ec622938a98c20fbae9a5c88b1ef325df435a64eb77706bbdc06811e2
Client clicks the Advanon banner
Register 6688274035b24b07e5b62f83da3de874ba077ae5f60e08d1c5c28260556c236f
Client registers on Advanon
Money 6c93436076fa8616bf05a31dba7312ca109c77401c5531a0fbad4044929a3c99
Income after successful registration and completed financing
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Income opportunities on average CHF 150 per successful registration

For the Affiliate

After successful due-diligence - CHF 45
After completed financing - 20% of the Advanon-Fee
Payment after completed financing

Successful Due-Diligence

Company has been checked by Advanon and accepted onto the platform. The user has successfully completed the profile and successfully passed the due-diligence.

Completed financing

The invoice uploaded by the company has been successfully financed by one/or several external investors and the money transferred by Advanon.

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