What is the value of my company?

This question haunts many entrepreneurs. Advanon’s new free company valuation tool helps you estimate your company’s value.

There are different opinions about how to calculate a company’s value. Depending on a company’s industry and stage of development the relevant factors can differ. That is why Advanon’s tool automatically calculates your company’s value on the basis of four different methods. You can choose which one of the following methods suits your company best:

  • Capitalised Earnings Method
  • Net Asset Value Method
  • Mean Value Method
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model

The capitalised earnings method calculates the net present value of future profits and cash flows. The valuation takes into account corrections for depreciation and provisions as well as other risks and potentials.

The net asset value method valuates a company on the basis of the costs that would occur in order to recreate the company from scratch. It used to be the most popular and most commonly used company valuation model.

The mean value method uses the capitalised earnings method and the net asset value method and calculates a weighted mean value from these values.

According to the discounted cash flow model, a company’s value is the same as the amount of free cash flow that it can generate in the future and that can be used for self-financed growth or for dividend distribution to the owners.

Download the free company valuation tool now and calculate your company’s value!