Thinking ecosystem and synergies

Meet our founders who believe in the power of collaborations

At Advanon, we have always believed in the power of collaborations. We never wanted to compete against traditional institutions, but complement their offers. That's why we seek partnerships with other financial institutions. Not competition, but synergy thinking is at the core of our strategy. Be it with private or institutional investors, partners or within the tech branch of our business - we want to build an ecosystem of excellence.

Great minds work together

  • Investors

    We started our platform as a peer-to-peer marketplace linking SMEs and private investors and creating a beneficial situation for both. Even though we cooperate more and more with institutional investors, we still encourage wealthy individuals to get in touch and diversify their portfolios with us.

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  • Institutions

    Institutional investors, banks, insurances, family offices - we have plenty of opportunities to work together. Or why not create something new together. As a fintech company, we have the software engineering and brain power to make ideas come to life fast - and in unseen ways. Let's get to know each other.

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  • Partners

    Early on, renowned companies like Axa Winterthur or Deutsche Bank put their trust in us. We have treasured these collaborations and believe this is the future of fintech: Find matching partners and bring expertise together. Discover, how we nurture our partnerships.

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  • Developers

    We are on the brink of becoming a multi-solution provider for SME. That’s why we always look for app development collaborations. We are open to creating synergies and great products together. No matter if you lead a fintech similar to ours or if you are a software engineer - get in touch.

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