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Advanon connects SMEs and investors to create synergies and win-win situations for all our customers. We are proud to state that we were the first platform for peer-to-peer invoice financing in Switzerland. Join us and get the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by adding a high-yield asset class to the mix. With us, you directly support the success of companies in Switzerland and Germany.

Constant Growth of Return on Investment

Advanon offers a platform to achieve significant portfolio growth. Over the last 12 months, our portfolio provided a net return of 9.46% to our investors with a default rate of 0.12% on the total volume financed. For more details see factsheet below.

  • > 5000 Financed Loans

    Between 2016 and 2019 the investors financed more than 5000 loans from over 500 SME in Switzerland and Germany through the Advanon platform.

  • > 100 Mio. CHF Volume

    With an average loan size of
    CHF 20'052.- and a constant growth of the financed volume, over 100 Mio. CHF were financed since starting in 2016.

  • 3 Products | 2 currencies

    Diversify your portfolio over 3 products (working capital loan, open factoring, silent factoring), 2 currencies (CHF & EUR) and 2 markets (Switzerland & Germany). Check FAQ

Your Advantages

  • Access a short-term alternative asset class with attractive returns and full control over your portfolio. By investing in our asset class, you enable success for small and medium businesses from Switzerland.

  • Diversify your portfolio. Invest in loans and factoring products in EUR and CHF in Switzerland and Germany. Advanon offers an alternative asset class with low correlation with the financial markets.

  • Through the constant turnover of your invested assets, the management of your risk exposure is drastically simplified. Your portfolio is highly dynamic, can be adjusted at any time in the investment cockpit and simultaneously delivers constant returns.

  • Benefit from our platform, providing you with extensive due diligence and credit risk analysis of potential investments and a consolidated view of your investments. No sign-up or management fee, we only charge a profit share.

Overview of investment opportunities

Twice a day new deals are uploaded to the Advanon marketplace. The platform provides extensive information about the investment opportunity, the borrower, the debtor and financing history. Advanon's innovative rating model assesses the companies based on their financial situation, the repayment behaviour, public information and external credit providers.
Automate the investment process with auto-invest. Model your investment strategy with our fully automated investment tool and get exclusive access to the marketplace.

Risk Process at Advanon

  1. Seller Due Diligence

    Assessment of the prospective company’s credit and fraud risk through qualitative checks of the company’s business model, (online) representation, management background, etc. as well as through quantitative financial analysis of financial and bank statements.

  2. Debtor Due Diligence (for factoring)

    Assessment of the likelihood of repayment by reviewing external credit reports, checking for possible management collusion, and researching additional information about the company in question.

  3. Deal Due Diligence

    Verifying of the uploaded proof of future cashflow through verification documents, plausibility of relationship between seller and debtor, and consistency of provided data.

For further Information please check FAQ.

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The new asset class

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