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Why Advanon?

Alternative investment opportunities

Via Advanon you can invest in the working capital or invoice of a SME.

Attractive Returns

Investing in the working capital allows you to earn attractive returns as an investor.

Short investment duration

The investment duration of 60 days on average gives you flexibility and does not tie you to the platform.



Medium ROI, long investment duration



Attractive ROI. Short investment durations = High liquidity

Bank Deposits


No ROI High liquidity

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Make a well-informed investment decision

Get return - Once the invoice is being paid the fee will be your yield.

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Investment opportunities on Advanon

On Advanon we offer you two different investment opportunities

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When you pre-financing an invoice you give an unsecured short-term loan to the seller. You have a legal claim against the seller but not a legal claim on the invoice. The invoice is only required to ensure a future cash-flow which will enable the seller to repay.

Since you have a legal claim against the seller, the seller is liable to repay your investment and the ROI also in case his debtor does not pay the invoice.

True sale 48d3b33115f809cbcd35c49bf8e1a87390db45db169cdb1b8926c93d01f4e24e


A True-Sale is a factoring contract. As an investor you buy a part of the whole invoice of the seller against his debtor. Here you have a legal claim on the invoice and against the debtor.

Since you have a legal claim the debtor is liable to pay the invoice and so repay your investment and a ROI.

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Risk and return information

Annualized net return6-9%9-11%11-13%13-18%

On the platform, companies are rated from AAA to B, with B being the lower rating in the spectrum. In Switzerland, this rating is an aggregate of the ratings from CRIF (60%) and Dun & Bradstreet (40%) and not a rating from Advanon. Whilst in Germany, the rating is based on data provided by SCHUFA. Ratings can serve as an indicator for the likelihood of a default, but every investor should perform his own due diligence before making an investment. Advanon does not take any responsibility for the ratings shown on the website.

Please be aware, that pre-financing and true-sale are not traditional financial products and should be only part of a well diversified portfolio. Investors have to be aware that they can lose the invested capital.

What our investors say

CHF 1'043 - 251'000

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More than 1700 invoices financed

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