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At Advanon we are not particularly hiring for a position, but rather for great minds that are ready to conquer the world with the most amazing team! If you feel ready to show us your great potential in any of these fields, please submit your application via this online form:

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Advanon is built around people and not people around Advanon. We encourage individual strengths and diverse backgrounds.

Think about what's coming next

We never take things for granted and constantly look for new improvements. Think creative and challenge the status quo!

Knowledge is power

In order to be and stay on top we always have to know more than others. We challenge the greatest minds and learn as much as possible.

We are tech - with a personal touch

We are a technology company at heart - but we are always aware that technology is to be used by humans.

Enjoy the journey

We are the aware that building the most amazing product is a marathon, not a sprint. The whole team is responsible to make sure that we do so.

We respect and trust each other

We encourage open and direct conversation. All are capable of doing their job at the very best, but we are not afraid of challenging their ideas.

We are only successful as a team

We are aware that we will not achieve anything without the help of each other. All are responsible of retaining a great team spirit and an awesome culture.

Why apply at Advanon?

We have Advaperks for everyone!

Work in another advanon office c047566969392f92ce577d61fde6604f194331b7c11d0d166c6c6e013e184d5b
Work in another Advanon office one week per quarter, flight and airbnb is paid
Unlimited vacation 380f20b9bd5f2978d85082a4466a7b0a593794136a7df77cfabb81dbcdbf0b75
Unlimited vacation
Paid vac ef156d6efd62344311b5a1451dc22389459f8cfc287fa87328ac778961d64eb1
Two weeks paid vacation per year
Free public transport ef324dc9516e52d494d9c60d86d5ff733bc791a543e0816214063d2b3f0712b3
Free public transport
Extensive parental leave 35418ea6b15fc404fd6422e08566c0014894601a5a3e4c55cdd0a2ef7e8884e2
Parental leave: 6 months for mothers and 3 months for fathers
Work remotely 2a629f60757d0af34c3f183905b2a1abf51eeab0e8feb165642217050dd5ca85
Work two weeks per quarter remotely
Free breakfast d7af1e21ae342a7a6a56b2f3acfdf7174846f2c073a702edf3897af004dde346
Free breakfast and snacks every day
Tgif e57767c97a8f77962fd0fc7f58cfd2f6ce0e13c503b7d9e258a476f00c4f2981
TGIF to celebrate every week with a cold beer or a glass of wine
Around the world ticket bfd789e2791e8c544478d2521f028e830e3b04cde25e28cbfbb089d53145e752
Around the world ticket after 5 years

And you can also pick from these perks:

  • Gym membership
  • Netflix and Spotify
  • Mobile phone
  • Amazon kindle
  • Free-time course
  • Tax consulting
  • Laundry service
  • Massage/Spa/Sauna
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