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Ideal to improve your supply chain, production or invest into new technology: No matter which working capital challenge you face, our unsecured short-term financing solution grants you maximum flexibility and privacy. Get upfront financing for your business needs and invest in the future growth of your business.

All you need is a B2B- or B2C-invoice or proof of future revenue - we take care of the rest.

  • Upload your financials

    Store your bank and financial statement securely on our platform, so we can evaluate your credit limit each time you need liquidity.

  • Access the marketplace

    Once approved, we grant you access to our unique marketplace, where we find investors for your prefinancing need.

  • Get liquidity

    After an investor has financed your request, you instantly get the money transferred to your account.

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  • Instantly receive up to 250.000

  • Pay suppliers right away

  • Get instant cash: Use it to take action and reach your goals

  • Pay only what you use - be it once or on a regular basis

Why Advanon?

We tailored our financing solution to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. That means: We know, you need the liquidity within a short timeframe, you need flexibility and you look for a partner that provides an easy to use, transparent and fair option.

  • Advanon

    1 week approval process

    • Use our solution whenever you need it and as often as you need it
    • Select the invoice(s) you want to offer
    • Benefit from our easy process and intuitive app
    • Our financing grows with you
  • Traditional providers

    4-8 weeks approval process

    • Required to sell all invoices
    • Pricing is difficult to understand
    • Changing invoicing processes required
    • Client relationships at risk
    • Long process from first contact to financing
  • Can Olcer, Chimpy

    Thanks to Advanon’s financing solutions and advice we could take on bigger orders and invest in our business. We were surprised how fast, easy and transparent the platform is. Also: It’s a Fintech company, but with a human touch.

    Can Olcer, Chimpy

  • Torsten Britz, CEO SmartLiberty

    We have grown about 25 percent per year. This wouldn't have been possible without our financing partner Advanon. What they provide is 'Banking 4.0'.

    Torsten Britz, CEO SmartLiberty

  • Andreas Lipp, founder of Sportnex

    Advanon is fast and flexible. We can grant our suppliers longer payment terms and still manage our own cash flow smartly. This has made us the big player in soccer online retail.

    Andreas Lipp, founder of Sportnex


Bridging cash flow gaps: Get instant money, stay in control of your customer relation

There are many reasons for a cash flow gap in the B2B world. Either you get paid on subscription base, you have ongoing contract terms or you have to make investments in your supply chain to take on the next, bigger order - our Business Loan is as flexible as you need it. No matter how often you use it, you stay in control - also of your customer relation management. Whether you use the liquidity to pay your partners in time and get better payment terms or to invest in your business, this solution is easy, fast and fair.

The most flexible working capital financing solution out there

  • Short-term liquidity made easy

  • Unlock trapped capital and invest in growth

  • Better cash flow management

  • Flexibility: You can choose how much you need, we just ask for proof of incoming cash flow in the future

  • Improve your own balance sheets

  • Once registered on the platform, the process is fast and easy

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