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What defines your credit score? Knowing all facts is the beginning of change.

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You may have wondered why a bank didn’t give you the credit you wanted. The reason: Your credit rating wasn’t sufficient. Your credit rating is not a fate you can’t change. Learn which factors influence this evaluation, understand the impact and act accordingly. We show you how and help you along the way. You define to which extend yourself.


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    After you received your rating, you can get further advice on how to improve on request. We get in touch with you and assess together, how to optimize your financial health.

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There are multiple factors influencing your credit score. If you don’t work for a bank or in credit risk, those factors usually remain a black box. We open this “black box” for you. Because we know that knowing the facts is the beginning of change. Our machine learning database gathers all relevant information on your business and instantly matches those with official credit reports. This way, you get more than just your actual credit rating - you get all relevant factors that define your business’s health - and wealth. Once you got your credit rating with one click, you can get more services from us on demand. From further information checks to personal consulting, you choose yourself. As always: There are no strings attached and no hidden small print.

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