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A simple solution for your cashflow management

"Fast growth requires fast financing"

Advanon offers quick growing companies the opportunity to finance themselves fast and easy. Investments can be done earlier this way and do not have to be put on hold until the customers pay their invoices. By using Advanon, long payment terms are not a problem for your growth anymore.

"Banks do not know the needs of young companies"

Banks are slow and rarely give loans to young companies. Through the Advanon platform, it is easy for companies to finance themselves and to get access to liquidity within 24 hours.

"Without Advanon, we could not satisfy our growing customer demand"

On the Advanon platform, young companies can get their accounts receivable prefinanced. With this flexibility, they can take on contracts and offers more ambitiously, as well as improve their market position towards competitors.


4-8 weeks
approval process

  • Multiple contracts
  • Lengthy procedures
  • Extensive sureties required
  • Bank sets the price


1-2 days
approval process

  • Fast, customer-friendly processes
  • Your receivable invoice is the only security we need
  • You set the price
  • One contract to be signed online

How it works


Upload your invoice

You decide which invoices you would like to have prefinanced - without tedious responsibilities!


Set your price

You determine the fee, which you are willing to pay for the prefinancing.


Receive the money

After an investor has decided to prefinance your invoice, the money will be transferred to you.

We made it even easier for you to upload your invoice!

Link your accounting software to Advanon and profit from easier prefinancing.

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Case study: Purefood Gmbh

"Advanon offers us a reliable, customer friendly, and very cost effective solution for us to pre-finance our invoices. It has freed up cash so we can invest in marketing and fulfil all the new orders coming in from our customers."

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Case study: abVentures AG / Exurbe cosmetics

"Advanon helps us to finance growth without going through the bureaucratic hassle associated with more traditional forms of financing"

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