Meet our customer: Chimpy

Thanks to Advanon’s financing solutions and advice we could take on bigger orders and invest in our business. We were surprised how fast, easy and transparent the platform is. Also: It’s a Fintech company, but with a human touch.

Can Olcer, Chimpy

portrait of author of the case study

Katharina Boehringer,
Head of Marketing and Communications

Can, what is your business model at Chimpy?

We rent mobile rechargeable batteries at kiosk stores. Clients can get a fully charged battery for 4 Swiss francs and leave a deposit of 15 Swiss francs. With that, they can recharge their mobile phone or any other mobile electronic devices at any time and any place. Our batteries are charged with solar electricity. We want to provide clean, mobile energy for everyone.

When did you found Chimpy and why?

Our company has been on the market for 4 years now. First, the business model of our company was a little bit different. Back then, we only supplied business clients with rechargeable batteries, collected them again and recharged them with solar electricity. Our goal was to reduce the waste of batteries. Some factors led to the outcome, that we did not expand this service anymore.

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